Prayer from Elder Bill Pritchett on 5/1/2016

Father God,

We have sung this morning about Your goodness, Your sovereignty, Your faithfulness. Father, we thank You for these and all of Your attributes. Your name is to be praised. Father, You are good, You are holy, You are just, You are gracious, You are faithful. As David says in Your word, ‘Everyday I will bless you and praise your name forever and ever.’ This morning Lord, we praise Your name. We praise You because we are in awe of who You are. We praise You because we recognize the overwhelming amount of Grace that You continue to show us everyday. We praise You when we think on the work of Jesus on the cross on our behalf. We praise You when we are going through hard times because we know and trust in Your Sovereignty.

In that same Psalm, David continues and says ‘One generation shall commend Your works to another, and shall declare Your mighty acts.’ Lord, Your mighty Acts…thank You that nothing that we might be going through is outside of Your control and nothing is outside of Your power. We are comforted by the fact that we don’t have to question if You can handle our situation, we don’t have to question whether or not Christ’s blood is sufficient for us. Father, You are mighty and great is Your faithfulness.

Lord, I pray for our hearts, that they might be even more inclined toward You. I pray for our singing that these will be much more than just words on a screen, but that we are singing in worship to our great God.

We come before You now and we recognize that many of us are tired, we are weak, we are broken. Yet You have made a way for each of us, no matter what our circumstances are, we can give and contribute to the work that You are doing. We are thankful for the gifts that allow us to meet in this place each week and all that is involved in that. Lord, we trust You and Your plans for each one of us as we give.

Father, we pray these things in humble worship to You, and it is in Jesus’ name that we pray, AMEN