Forms and Information

Bible Reading Plans – Download 2 different programs that we recommend:
  • Shirkers & Slackers – A non-dated plan with readings from different areas of Scripture for each day of the week.
  • 4 Year OT Chronological (with NT deep-dive) – A slow pace (roughly 1 chapter a day) with a focused reading a 1 section of the NT every day for each month.
BCC Automatic Giving Authorization Form – Download and print this PDF form to authorize an automatic withdrawal from your checking account.  Another way to accomplish automatic giving is through our regular giving page – just set up an account and designate the form (credit card or electronic check) and set up your recurring gift.  Setting up an account instead of submitting this form will actually give you better control for making changes yourself instead of contacting us to make the changes for you.
BCC Reimbursement Form – Use this form if you’ve incurred an expense that the church has agreed to pay.  This is an online form that will submit a reimbursement request. 
BCC Volunteer Background Check – If you’ve offered to serve with children or within our disability ministry you will have begun this process with an application (below) and the next step is to do a background check.  We require this of all volunteers, and will update the background check annually.
BCC Children’s/Disability Application – New volunteers with our children’s ministry or disability ministry will need to submit this application.
Reference for BCC Children’s/Disability Application – If you’ve been named as a reference on someone’s volunteer application you will submit this to help us determine if the person is suitable to this area of ministry.  Thank you!
A Gospel Narrative – by Milton Vincent – This is a downloadable pdf of what we feel to be a wonderful description of the gospel – one that we need to preach to ourselves on a regular basis.  We hope you are encouraged and blessed by its use.
Children’s Ministry Commitment Form – This is an annual commitment made by those who serve in the various roles within the children’s ministry at BCC.
The Nashville Statement – This is a statement on biblical manhood and womanhood that BCC agrees to.
Respite Signups – This is our signup form for when we have a respite night for families affected by disability,  This is only relevant when this kind of event is sche