Sunday Morning Prayer

Father God,

You are good, You are just, You are holy, there is fulness of joy in your presence Lord. We are coming off of a week that is specifically set aside for us to remember the work of Jesus on the cross. To be reminded of the fact that our need for a savior has been met, that the penalty for our sins has been paid. Yet, while our greatest need has been satisfied, You continue to bless us, You continue to care about the day to day details of our lives. You have blessed us with the Holy Spirit who guides us and points us back to You. Lord, it can be easy for me to see the work of Jesus on the cross, to see all that was accomplished on the cross, and see it all as about me. Guard our hearts Lord against such thinking. I pray that our eyes remain fixed on Jesus, that we have the eternal perspective to see this life as temporary, like a vapor, help us to keep our eyes on heaven. Easter is a celebration, not only of the fact that through Jesus, his righteousness has been imputed to us, but also a celebration of victory, that there is victory over this world. Our struggles and pain are real, but by Your grace, they are not eternal.

I pray for our boldness, in sharing the gospel with those that we come in contact with. We pray for the Holy Spirit to be at work in those hearts. As You say in Your word, ‘so that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.’ 

Lord, as we give now, we give trusting You in the direction of these funds. We get excited knowing that some will be used to share the Gospel in other parts of the world. That some will be used to continue sharing the Gospel here in our community. That some will be used to encourage and lift up the saints of this congregation. But Lord we pray most importantly, that all will be used with a desire to bring honor and glory to You. Apart from Christ we can do nothing, and it is in Jesus’ precious and holy name that we pray, AMEN
– A Prayer from Elder Bill Pritchett on 4/3/2016