Here’s what you might expect at BCC

What’s the Church Service Like?   Four words that come to mind are: Casual, Reformed, Friendly, and possibly Noisy.

How About Worship?

The musical style is contemporary, but we are very intentional in the selection of songs that are God-centered, and theologically rich.  With this in mind, we love to mix in rich, modernized hymns with some meatier contemporary songs.

What About the Kids?

Not only do we have Sunday School for all ages, but we believe we have the very best curriculum available.  It’s great to learn the stories of the Bible, but one thing most curriculums do is moralize the story – making the emphasis something like, “Be nice,” or “Share,” or “Be brave like David.”  Though there are benefits in following the examples of biblical heroes, this often misses the main point of God being the ultimate hero to sinful people, like us.  Here’s a description of the Truth 78 (Formerly, “Children Desiring God”) curriculum:
Truth78 develops resources and training that are undergirded and defined by the following values: God-centered, Bible-saturated, Gospel-focused, Christ-exalting, Spirit-dependent, doctrinally grounded and discipleship-oriented.
Casual People tend to dress casually, but because there’s a nice variety of ages, you’ll see a mix of dress.  So feel free to wear what’s comfortable, though we do encourage modesty… and pj’s are probably pushing it.
Reformed  Though we’re casual in dress, and don’t take ourselves too seriously (we like to have fun), we have a high view of God and His sovereignty.  So, in the sermons, Sunday School curriculum, and other teachings, you’ll probably hear a very God-centered emphasis.  If you’re not familiar with reformed theology, you can check out our beliefs page, and we’d recommend the ministry of R. C. Sproul, to give what is likely the most clear description in our generation.
Friendly Keeping an eye out for visitors, and getting to know each other has been a continual emphasis at BCC.  Because God has called us a body, it’s obvious that we need to function as those who are connected to one another, and so being nice, and enjoying each other’s company becomes more than a social expectation, but a spiritual practice.  So, expect people to greet you and make an effort to get to know you.  One intentional way we encourage this is through our monthly (3rd Sunday) meals, after the 2nd service.  
Noisy – Maybe.  Not necessarily every week, but it’s a possibility because BCC loves and welcomes families that are affected by disability.  So, as a body that includes and appreciates children with autism (and other disabilities) there may be an occasional screech or noise people aren’t accustomed to.  Sadly, the majority of these families find it hard to come to a church, and many churches aren’t prepared with a program or team specifically designed for people with disabilities.  So it’s a good challenge to the church body, and a beautiful picture of the kingdom of God, when we make efforts to consider others more significant than ourselves, and where we learn to practice the heart of Jesus, who said, “Let the children come to me; do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God”


Instead of a typical youth group with lots of activities and games, our Sunday mornings are (though fun) more of a classroom setting focused on foundational subjects that will better prepare our teens to learn as adults,  instead of craving after more entertainment.  Recently, our teens have gone through the video series, Road Trip to Truth, which is designed to prepare them for life with a Christian worldview.  Also, for other social opportunities, you might check our small groups page where we often have mid-week groups for teen girls, and teen boys.

When is Sunday school?

Classes for all ages (including adults) take place during the 2nd service.  Ideally, we encourage families to come to the 1st service so they can be a part of both worship, and Sunday School.

Why 2 Services?

We encourage families to expose their children to both the preaching of God’s Word, as well as Sunday School.  Having 2 services gives more people the option of doing both, as well as enabling our teachers to worship in the 1st service, before teaching during the 2nd.  

When Do You Serve Communion?

We serve communion on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month, and we’ve typically served it during the beginning of the 2nd service, but are experimenting with serving it at the end of the sermons in both services.  For now we are serving it once on the 1st Sunday of the month, and at the end of each sermon on 3rd Sundays.

What’s the Structure of the

2 services?

If you come to the 1st service, we’ll encourage you to stay and visit with people coming for the 2nd service.  Then we’ll sing some more (not a repeat set of the 1st service), and then dismiss 1st service people before the 2nd sermon so they can either go home, or stay for one of the classes that happen during the 2nd service.  
Our hope is to encourage the entire body to be together, as well as create an opportunity for people to both worship and be in a class.
Also, on the 3rd Sunday of each month we enjoy lunch together, and we’ve found that the best way to encourage people to stay and build relationships, is to have 1 service only, at 10:30am.  Again, we only do this on the 3rd Sunday of each month.