BCC Prayer Team blue


Be a part of the team!

Prayer is a wonderful gift of God, who graciously invites us to be involved in His sovereign work. Use the form below to sign up and be a part of the BCC Prayer Team where you’ll receive e-mail prayer requests.
Here are a few team requirements:
– You’ve been a regular attender of BCC for at least 3 months.
– You promise to pray (we recommend setting aside a regular time each day)
– You keep all requests confidential.  No requests are meant for sharing.  They are intended for this group only.

How can we pray for you?

We would be honored to pray as a church for you!  When sending your prayer requests, please keep the following in mind:
– Please word your prayer request or praise as you would like it to appear in the e-mail
– If it’s a medical need, please avoid details that may be too personal or sensitive.
– Avoid criticism.
– Be mindful of not only physical needs, but spiritual needs.
– We also love to bring praises and areas of thanksgiving to the Lord.
– Please promise to keep us updated with your situation, as it’s encouraging to see how God is at work.