Men’s Ministry

The Men’s Ministry at Bear Creek Church seeks to provide many opportunities to encourage men to gather together to learn, grow, serve, encourage, fellowship, and pray for one another. Below you’ll find a wide variety of small groups, studies, and volunteer activities for the men of Bear Creek Church.
Bible Studies
Tremper Longman, in his book, “How To Read Exodus” writes, “Prayer is more important than principles. God speaks to us through his Word, and we speak to him through prayer. The Bible is not an ancient manuscript that needs to be dissected by objective readers, it is a message of love and guidance from our heavenly Father who not only speaks to us through its pages, but also sends the Holy Spirit to guide us in our reading. We must put ourselves under and not over the Word, and prayer puts us in the proper attitude of submission as we interpret. Psalm 119:18, ‘Open my eyes to see the wonderful truths in your instructions’, provides a model for such a prayerful attitude…”.  The study of God’s Word and praying for one another are key encouragements in our men’s groups.  For a current listing, go to our Small Groups Page.
This is the great commission of our Lord – to go and make disciples. So, at the heart of our ministry to men is an encouragement to look more and more like Jesus in our roles as brothers, husbands, fathers, and those who love both the church and our community. Much of this occurs in our weekly men’s groups, and these are great ways to connect and seek out those one-on-one mentoring relationships.  The ideal would be for each of us to both be mentored and be mentoring someone else.  If we can help connect you with someone, or point you to good materials in your Christian growth, please contact Pastor Brian or Pastor Bill.
If you’re a behind-the-scenes kind of guy, there are lots of opportunities to help with some of the heavier jobs within the church. Our Deacons are always on the lookout for those in need, and having a list of guys to call for various work parties is a great way to quickly meet the needs of others. It might be helping someone move, chopping wood, doing yard work, or a project in the community or to bless our hosts at St Mary’s School. See Deacon Ron Green to be put on a call-list or to see how you might help on a more regular basis. Some of the more regular needs involve setting up or putting away each Sunday morning, or helping with our monthly church family meal. For more details, see our Service Page.