Disability Ministry

The leadership of Bear Creek Church and the members of its Disability Ministry Team dream of becoming a church where persons with disabilities and their families are enthusiastically welcomed to worship and fellowship. We’re working to become the kind of congregation where physical and psychological barriers are eliminated and where everyone works together to make BCC a place of unconditional acceptance, peace and safety for persons with disabilities and their loved ones.
We occasionally host or participate in “Respite Days”, a morning which gives a family touched by disability a brief respite and which includes music, games, crafts, snacks and movies. We generally have a quiet room set aside for those who need a place away from all the stimulation. Unless otherwise arranged each of your children will be paired up with a volunteer (a “buddy” )to assist them through the activities of the morning. Please see our “Events” page for upcoming Respite Days.
All BCC sponsored activities are staffed by BCC members only and everyone has had security checks before being approved for volunteering. Several of our volunteers have also had several years experience working with children with special needs and we consider that and the info you provide when matching up volunteers with your children for Respite Days. We also always have at least one medically trained person at our events as well.