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A Little Family Time

What emotions come to mind if you had the thought of spending a few days, in the same house, with people in the church that you barely know?  I hope I’m not revealing too much about myself (being alone in my shame), and that you’re not offended in me saying that I would have a sense of awkward and nervous dread.

Don’t get me wrong, I love people – working with them and visiting during the day – but I also look forward to a little me-time, or family-time in the evening, where I can relax and… be myself.  And it’s not that we’re not ourselves around others, but we tend to be more of “us” around… us.

With this in mind, do you see the church as family?  God does.  In 1 Timothy 3, one of the qualifications given for elders and deacons, is that each should be able to manage his own household.  And the thought is, “If someone does not know how to manage his own household (family), how will he care for God’s church?” (3:5).  Then in verse 15, Paul uses this same word to describe the church – “…how one ought to behave in the household (family) of God…”.

Think of it!  We are brothers and sisters not simply at the end of the day, but for all eternity.  And yet… no offense, but this doesn’t sound very appealing.  And the reason it doesn’t, is sin. 

But the good news is that in eternity we won’t be burdened with sin, and we’ll perfectly love one another, and truly enjoy being together all the time.  Until then, there’s a lot of opportunity for practice, and God intends this time to be for the sake of His glory, and our joy.

Jesus tells us that people will know we belong to Him by the way we love one another (John 13:35).  The way we love as family-members (or, the household of God), is a strong witness to the world.  And this doesn’t mean there are never problems in the church, but it does mean that we deal with them in ways that stand out as unusually loving.

The world knows what family battles and divisions look like, and when they see this kind of family stuff going on in the church, they expect similar reactions and results.  But, when they see forgiveness, and people patiently bearing with one another… when they see love and encouragement, and overlooking an offense… when they see people assuming the best instead of the worst in each other, they will say, “Wow, now that’s how a family should be!  Look at how they love one another.  There’s something special going on in there.”

But this doesn’t just happen without some intentional effort and reliance upon God.  Unless we are being changed (Rom. 12:2) from worldly attitudes and responses, into brothers and sisters who think and act like Jesus… it’ll never happen.  So, the closer our relationship is to God, the closer we’ll become to one another.

I love how A. W. Tozer describes it:

Has it ever occurred to you that one hundred pianos all tuned to the same fork are automatically tuned to each other? They are of one accord by being tuned, not to each other, but to another standard to which each one must individually bow. So one hundred worshipers met together, each one looking away to Christ, are in heart nearer to each other than they could possibly be were they to become “unity” conscious and turn their eyes away from God to strive for closer fellowship.

So don’t just work at Christian unity and love, but instead work at being conformed into the image of Jesus, and you’ll grow in Christian unity and love.  And as we do, maybe we’ll look forward to some family time each Sunday… and throughout the week, as we see one another in God’s kingdom. – Pastor Brian

Unshakable Faith: In light of recent failures by Ravi and Max

The recent failures of Christian leaders/authors is disappointing, and maybe even causing some people’s faith to be shaken… but don’t let the failures of sinful man shake your confidence in our sinless Savior; and don’t doubt the truthfulness of His gospel coming through deceitful lips.  God is sovereign.  He has spoken through a donkey (Num 22), and He prophesied truth through Caiaphas (John 11), who plotted to kill Jesus.  So God has a way of using not only weak and sinful vessels (such as us), but He also uses those who are not even His own beloved children.

There have been several examples over the past years, but two recent ones stand out.  One, Ravi Zacharias, who was a hero to many, and used mightily of God in the area of evangelism and apologetics (defense of the Christian faith)… was so evil in his serial sexual assaults, as well as his denial and slandering of his victims… his clear lack of repentance until the day of his death, that if we have any doubt, it’s not over the truths he communicated, but over his eternal soul. 

That God would choose to use what appears to be a wolf, is a mystery, but that He can, is not.  What I take from this is that God is just; His patience is not eternal, and our sins will find us out.  So, repent while there’s still time.  God is not mocked. 

Also, God has a history of using the evil intents of man for His good purposes (Gen. 50:20).  He is gracious to all who repent and turn to Jesus in faith, but there is a heavy burden on those who teach (James 3:1; Heb. 13:17), and they will be held responsible for those they lead astray.  And oh the damage done by Ravi to the faith of many!

Another recent disappointment has to do with a popular pastor/author who ironically titled one of his many books, “The Applause of Heaven.”  Max Lucado recently spoke out of both sides of his mouth for the sake of earthly applause, as he apologized and asked the LGBTQ community for forgiveness concerning a 17-year old article he wrote, which rightly denounced homosexuality (and gay marriage) as sexual sin.  As he apologized for God’s truth, he then hedged it by inserting a quick comment to appease his Christian audience, saying that he personally holds to a traditional biblical view of marriage.  If so… why apologize for God’s truth? 

I don’t mean to put Max in the category of Ravi.  I don’t doubt his salvation, but I do doubt his priorities as his recent apology seems to come under the pressures of men, and ultimately wanting their applause over God’s.  I have no idea what kind of pressure he bears, and I’m reminded to pray for such people in the limelight, but we cannot compromise biblical truth for the sake of our sinful society’s applause.

So, thank God for the people in your life.  For the ways He uses them to minister and speak His truth.  But test all things according to His unchanging Word, pray for those in positions of responsibility, and look ultimately to our sinless Savior who enables us to receive Heaven’s applause. – Pastor Brian

Should We Live Stream The Lord’s Supper?

Under normal circumstances most churches would quickly say, “No,” but under the current shutdown of our society this has become a much more relevant and debated question.  Though I wouldn’t criticize a church for doing this now, I do think the following article best describes our thinking as a church.  If this is a question you’ve had, I think you’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness of THIS ARTICLE… and I hope you will long for and savor the day we can once again dine at the Lord’s Table.  – PB