First, is a plan that our women’s ministry is encouraging.  This is a very very doable plan.  Here’s how Tracy Davis described this particular reading plan:

“We will be reading through the Old Testament in chronological order over the course of four years.  That is roughly one chapter per day Monday through Friday.  In addition, we’ll be deep-diving into a section of the New Testament each month.  The goal is to read the entire section each day for that month.  This method is to really instill God’s Word into our hearts and minds.”

Another very doable plan is actually called “for Shirkers and Slackers.  Don’t be put off by its recent title because its origin goes back to the non-slacker Puritans.  Dr. Douglas Kelly writes, “Its special value is that it gives you a varied diet by exposing you to different parts of Scripture each day while providing continuity by causing you to return to the same section on the same day of the week all through the year.” 
So throughout the year you read the following:
Sunday: The books of poetry
Monday: The Pentateuch
Tuesday: O.T. history
Wednesday: O.T. history (There is a lot of it.)
Thursday: O.T. prophets
Friday: N.T. history
Saturday: N.T. epistles
One reader wrote,“The big difference between this plan and any other I had tried was that it was not tied to any particular date. On any day of the week, say it was Friday, I read the assigned portion and happily checked it off. Fridays were good days and it is true I finished all of them before I finished the Saturdays, but then I simply read wherever I was behind.  I was not tempted to cheat, because there were no unsightly gaps. I knew it was going to take me longer than a year. And, after all, what is so inspired about doing it in a year? Nothing… But the best thing by far was simply checking off a day’s portion not a DATE. I got through the whole Bible. It only took me a year and six months.”
Or… for you non-slackers, here’s a challenge.  I read that an average reader could read the entire bible in 70 hours.  I also read that the average TV watcher logs 70 hours of watching in 1 month.  So… all of you non-slackers, turn off the TV, drop, and give me 70!
Click the following links to download a printable pdf of each plan:
Praying we’ll delight in God’s Word,
Pastor Brian